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Crochet Slippers

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Well, I finally decided to make this pair of slippers. I put it on my “to do” list the minute I saw the pattern. I’m happy the way the turned out, but I have to say, making these bothered my hands a little. The yarn I was using was the red heart super saver, but felt heavier than normal and my hands paid the price. I will have to locate my “crochet gloves” before I make another pair of these.Crochet Slipper

The first slipper I made came out quite large, it was even too big for my son who wears a size thirteen shoe!! I followed the pattern to the T, but with the yarn being so heavy, I think it made a difference in the size. Anyway, since I wanted the slippers for myself, I decided I was just going to make it up as I go along. I started off at the beginning following the pattern, but then towards the middle, I started doing my own thing. I made fewer rows to shorten the slipper to fit my foot and I used different stitches to go around the top of the slipper. I jotted down what I did versus what the pattern said so I could remember it for my second slipper.

The first slipper came out great and fit perfectly so I went on to finish the second slipper and here is my new pair of slippers. These slippers are very quick to do up and would make a great gift. I have a feeling I’ll be making a few pair of these for Christmas gifts. We’re already into August and I have not even started on my Christmas list so I’m thinking a lot of members of my family will be getting a pair of these! Open-mouthed smile

Socks are another quick and easy gift item. I’ve made many pairs of socks in the past and given them as gifts. Most of the people I’ve made them for were very happy with them. No one in my family will every walk around with cold feet, not if I can help it!

You can find the pattern for these slippers here:

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